Sparrow Blue sing with the kind of honest charm and colloquial voice that transports you from a metallic time machine into a swinging barn dance in 1947. They make you feel like the war is over.”

— Ellis Paul, award-winning performer/songwriter

Sparrow Blue

Acoustic Roots Songwriting Duo from Massachusetts featuring fiddle, guitars, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, and sweet vocal harmony.

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"Often gathered around a single microphone, their sound will take you away to dusk on a back porch, or into the heart of an old-time speakeasy in an Appalachian valley. Reminiscent of a simpler time, this duo will stir the imagination and paint a picture of what things were like before the modern world" - Jay Psaros, South Shore Magazine

"Lilting, dark, and spellbindingly catchy" - South Shore Living, November 2015

"Sweet rootsy sound that is clean and crisp as it displays hints of Americana goodness" - Redline Roots, November 2015


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